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Kristi McNeilly, the attorney who has been defending some of the key players mixed up in the incredible ongoing JACC saga is now facing charges for violating a restraining order and domestic assault with intent to inflict bodily harm (both felonies), according to the Washington County sheriff’s roster. This is on top of several other felony charges she recently racked up in Ramsey County, including aggravated first-degree witness tampering, tampering with a witness in the first degree, and terroristic threats, which again, are all felonies.

The charges stem from a situation in which McNeilly hooked up with Trinis Derrelle Edwards, who was her client in a domestic assault case. McNeilly allegedly paid off Edwards’ wife Lori — to either not testify or lie — with housing, alcohol and drugs. But the recent charges have to do with allegations that McNeilly also threatened and assaulted her witnesses, who happen to be her father and brother.

What is the JACC connection? McNeilly represented Ben Myers, the ex-JACC chair in a defamation lawsuit against some Northsiders, for which a judge recently turned down an application for a temporary injunction, siding with the ‘Jordan 3.’ McNeilly also stood up for former JACC ED Jerry Moore in a failed attempt for a restraining order against board member Daniel Rother. Moore, who was fired after pulling punches against neighbors, is currently suing blogger Johnny Northside and commenter Donald Allen for defamation and biased reporting.


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July 21, 2009 at 12:57 pm

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