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JACC: Judge sides with ‘Jordan 3’

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Trickling in: Sources close to the action say a judge has dismissed the case of Ben Myers, the former JACC chair who filed a defamation lawsuit against the “Jordan 3,” or several North Side neighbors. Myers has also led a rogue JACC board that claimed to be the real leaders of the neighborhood. A judge sided with the new Jordan leadership on that case, as well, recently.

According to early reports on the judge’s ruling, Myers will have to pay the Jordan 3’s legal fees. The amount is $2,334.50 but it’s unclear whether that includes each of the Jordan 3. To read more about it, check Johnny Northside’s blog for an update this afternoon. (I’ll try to elaborate, too, but won’t get a chance till later tonight.) Also, for more information on the incredible ongoing JACC saga, check out some of my previous posts. This one for starters.

An interesting side note: Myers was being represented by attorney Kristi McNeilly, who has recently been charged with “aggravated first-degree witness tampering, tampering with a witness in the first degree, and terroristic threats, all felonies,” with $100,000 bail, as I wrote in an earlier post.


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July 14, 2009 at 1:25 pm

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  1. […] Ben Myers, the ex-JACC chair in a defamation lawsuit against some Northsiders, for which a judge recently turned down an application for a temporary injunction, siding with the ‘Jorda…McNeilly also stood up former JACC ED Jerry Moore in a failed attempt for a restraining order […]

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