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A sedate JACC board meeting, finally

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Tonight’s Jordan Area Community Council (JACC) meeting in North Minneapolis brought about a seemingly peaceful alternate reality to the chaos — including assault, theft, a rogue board, lawsuits and more — that has recently characterized the group. Go here for a rundown of those events.

For starters, although a Minneapolis police officer was present, he wasn’t called to act, which was a departure from other JACC affairs as of late. (See above link.) Meanwhile, the newly-elected board ran through business items in an orderly fashion, passing a number of resolutions related to housing, board training and more. Under old leadership, some Jordan board members say, little got done (or alternately, some things were done without the board being apprised). Additionally, when it came time at the end for some community members to have their say, the dialogue was remarkably calm.

JACC board secretary Anne McCandless touched briefly on the litigation facing the board from the “old majority;” a judgment on a temporary restraining order applied for by the “old majority” is nigh, while the law firm Briggs and Morgan will be representing JACC in some aspects of the legal battle.

Meanwhile, apparently the “old majority” canceled a meeting that was reportedly simultaneously scheduled for tonight at Jordan New Life Church, according to a notice that the group circulated. More on the matter soon.


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February 11, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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