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Jordan neighborhood leaders invite rivals to stay involved

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Just a quick synopsis, for now: This afternoon, Jordan neighborhood leaders held a press conference to clarify confusion related to recent events on the Jordan Area Community Council (JACC), including the firing of JACC executive director Jerry Moore after he punched several neighbors, sudden disappearance of JACC computers and records and the establishment of a rogue board/office at Jordan New Life Church, chronicled here: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

JACC matters are always action-packed and the press conference was no exception: For starters, the police intervened when tensions between activist Al Flowers and other attendees escalated. (He was detained outside the office.)

While the newly-elected board members and leaders tried to introduce themselves and explain the elections process, some testy audience members didn’t buy it. Rather, they called the recent public elections process that made it so, a coup.

Interestingly, sources say these protests didn’t arise in the days leading up to the elections. Notwithstanding, Minneapolis’ Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) has officially recognized the new leadership. So has City Council president Barb Johnson and Councilman Don Samuels.

Despite the heated back-and-forth, JACC chair Michael K. Browne, who led the meeting, was optimistic about future cooperation between factions. He said it was encouraging to have both sides in the same room, together. Going forward, “We invite those who disagree with us to stick with us and to continue disagreeing with us,” to ensure all voices are heard, he remarked.

I’ll write more soon ….


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January 17, 2009 at 7:45 pm

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