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Does new leadership in Jordan mean a change for the better?

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More on the controversy in the Jordan neighborhood on Minneapolis’ North Side: On Wednesday night, the Jordan Area Community Council (JACC) approved a motion to remove the current executive committee members and to replace them. This comes on the heels of Monday night’s altercation with JACC executive director Jerry Moore, who shockingly punched several neighbors after board elections wrapped up, something I was present for (I wrote about this briefly in an earlier post). Despite the fallout, Moore attended Wednesday’s board meeting. The situation has also been discussed here and here.

JACC has long been enshrouded by controversy, especially concerning its financial state; there’s a ton of confusion about its expenses, including what went where and how much and why, with few available answers. Additionally, some people believe the community has largely been shut out of JACC decisions — something I plan to cover in more detail later.

While Wednesday’s meeting was also convoluted, some JACC observers are hopeful that the newly-empowered board will improve things. But the night’s leadership changes didn’t come so easily. A few audience members tried to impede the  passage of motions, challenging the bylaws and making off-topic remarks. Additionally, board member Bob Scott resigned — leaving that seat open to people living in Jordan.

More on this story to come. Stay tuned.


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January 15, 2009 at 12:39 pm

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